SERV Sussex - Service by Emergency Rider Volunteers (SERV)

SERV Sussex - Service by Emergency Rider Volunteers (SERV)

The Blood Runners of Sussex

Queen's Award for Voluntary Service

SERV Sussex is keen to welcome new volunteers. As well as riders and drivers SERV also needs committed individuals to support our charitable work by helping us raise funds and administer the organisation.

Become a SERV Rider or Driver

SERV Riders and drivers volunteer their time, petrol and use of their vehicle to transport emergency blood and blood products to hospitals throughout Sussex. A volunteer typically covers 1 night a fortnight where you are on call between 7pm and 6am. As part of becoming a SERV rider you will need to pass an observed ride by one of our independent assessors as well as joining a familiarisation ride taking in the various hospitals.

Many of our rider volunteers take great pride in the service they offer and enjoy that their volunteering keeps them riding throughout the year. During the winter our car and 4x4 drivers come into their own ensuring that blood continues to move even on the coldest nights.

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Become a SERV Fund Raiser

SERV Sussex is an extremely lean organisation, but running a fleet of vehicles and providing the vital service we offer costs money. Increased funds allow us to improve the service we offer by investing in our vehicle fleet as well as covering the many other overheads the charity has. If you are looking to help but not wanting to do overnight driving/riding then we would love to have your help as a fundraiser.

Fundraising opportunities include;

  • Attending collections at supermarkets / shopping centres
  • Manning stands at bike events, country fairs etc
  • Gaining sponsorship by taking part in an event - running 5K, sponsored abseil etc
  • Selling items through eBay
  • Building links with business.

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Become a SERV Phone Controller

A crucial part of service SERV offer is handling calls on the 'SERV Phone'. The phone controller acts as the focal point when delivering our service. They respond to requests from hospitals and then organise riders to transport the blood supplies. The phone is covered every day between 7pm and 6am (though like the riders you are not required to stay awake, but must act when the phone rings).

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Become a SERV Administrator

If you have administration skills and are willing to volunteer some of your time to SERV then the charity can make good use of them. There are a number processes within the organisation that you could help deliver by giving a few hours of your time each week.

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